Binary 300 Hint Sep 16, 14:28 UTC

Check out the updated challenge description for another hint.

Web 200 Sep 16, 12:22 UTC

Web 200 is back online.

Web 200 Sep 16, 09:57 UTC

Web 200 is down. As soon as it's back up we'll let you know!

Hint for Binary 300 Sep 16, 06:45 UTC

A hint is now available on Binary 300

Bounty on Grab Bag 200 Sep 16, 04:14 UTC

We've increased the points on Grab Bag 100 because it had no solutions. It's now worth 200 points!

Web 200 Sep 16, 01:59 UTC

On Web 200 there is a max length for the page, if you go over the length you should receive a 500 error when trying to view the screenshot.

Hint for Crypto 150 available Sep 15, 23:56 UTC

Check out Crypto 150 for a hint

Hint for Grab Bag 100 posted Sep 15, 23:15 UTC

check out Grab Bag 100 to see the hint

Team Modification Sep 15, 21:48 UTC

Teams in the top ten of any division can not modify their team.

Need help during the competition? Sep 15, 21:30 UTC

If you have any questions during the competition you are welcome to join us on Discord