Cyber Challenge 2019

Competition has Completed

Step 1

Create or join a team:

  • Team captains: Register a team name, complete your registration, then invite up to four of your friends to join.
  • Looking to join a team? Register an account and then use our matchmaking service to find a team or wait for an invite from your team captain.
  • Want to play solo? Register a team and complete your registration, but don't invite or accept requests to join from anyone.

Step 2

  • Sharpen your skills on our practice range before you compete.
  • Install the latest Kali Linux. We test our challenges with the latest Kali Linux and recommend using it to participate.

Step 3

When to compete

  • This competition will run from February 22 at 7:00 PM UTC until February 23 at 7:00 PM UTC. More information about or competition can be found on our competitions page.

Help, I'm Stuck!

We'd be happy to give you a hand if you contact us through any method listed on our contact form.