Cyber Challenge 2018

Competition has Completed

Step 1

Create or join a team:

  • Team captains: Register a team name, complete your registration, then invite up to four of your friends to join.
  • Looking to join a team? Register an account and then use our matchmaking service to find a team or wait for an invite from your team captain.
  • Want to play solo? Register a team and complete your registration, but don't invite or accept requests to join from anyone.

Step 2

  • Sharpen your skills on our practice range before you compete.
  • We test our challenges with the latest Kali Linux, and therefore recommend using it to participate. Directions on setting up Kali and connecting to the competition can be found on our how to play page.

Step 3

When to compete

  • This competition will run from April 20 at 7:00 PM UTC until April 21 at 7:00 PM UTC. More information about or competition can be found on our competitions page.

Help, I'm Stuck!

We'd be happy to give you a hand if you contact us through any method listed on our contact form.